PIONEER beneficiaries

ATLASAERO: Manufacturing vital parts for our full-scale aircraft prototype

Is a startup working on a hybrid-electric vertical take-off and landing airplane with ideal efficiency in forwarding flight.

Final grant requested (Lead Partner Atlas Aero GmbH): €20,000.00

BATWATEX: Development of a plant based vegan leather

Is a sustainable vegan leather alternative material made of potato leaves fiber, technical hemp, and recycled plastic.
Final grant requested (Lead partner SIA BATWATEX): €20,000.00


Is an antimicrobial finishing agent that can be employed with different fibers and fabrics. The technology proposed showcases that antimicrobial treatments can manage the microbiome so that clothing can be longer worn in space and hence reduce the payload for the missions and aid in prolonging the wearability of the spacesuit due to less degradation at the inner layer.

Final grant requested (Lead partner VTL GmbH): €20,000.00

CINPASA: Disruptive and environmentally friendly data transmitter tape for the aeronautic industry

Aims to develop a data transmitter tape for aeronautic applications with decreased weight and simplified designs to transmit information between the different sensors and the control units.
Final grant requested (Cintas y Pasamanería S.A.): €20,000.00

CIRPLATEX: Circular PLA Textile

Its vision is to replace conventional textile materials and significantly reduce the environmental impacts of the textile industry. It introduces the world’s first circular PLA textile achieving the lowest ecological impact from all the currently available textile materials.

Final grant requested (Lead partner TryMee Clothing s.r.o.): €14,000.00
Final grant requested (Partner #2 Arapaha B.V.): €6,000.00

DRONE-3D: Develop a computationally optimised drone wing manufactured using 3D composite printing technology (Drone-3D)

Proposes developing advanced manufacturing technologies using recycled carbon Fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite material to produce key drone components.


Final grant requested (Lead partner Marine Materials Ireland Ltd): €20,000.00

EASYNANO: “Ready to use” carbon-based nanomaterials as MVP for composites and textile coatings for aerospace advanced applications.

The objective of the project is the optimization and validation of pre-processed carbon-based nanomaterials in the form of dough (“Ready to use”, RtU, materials, MVP),
avoiding nanoparticles handling and able to be dispersed into polymeric matrices by conventional mixing techniques.


Final grant requested (Lead partner Applynano Solutions S.L): €20,000.00

ETISILK: Development of disruptive lightweight and flame-retardant fabrics for aeronautics applications.

Aims to develop and validate a minimum viable product of a new low-weight fabric for aerospace applications based on flame retardant polypropylene fabrics.
Final grant requested (Lead partner ETISILK S.A.): €20,000.00

G-COMP: Graphene/Glass Fiber Hybrid Composites with Increased Impact Resistance

In this project, they will prepare a unique graphene nanomaterial, coat it onto the glass fiber textile and integrate the GF into a heterocomposite with carbon fibers core.
Final grant requested (Lead partner GRAFREN AB): €20,000.00

FRET: Flexible Reinforced Electronics Textile

Combines two well-known and well-established technologies in the aerospace industry, namely rigid-flex PCB and flight-grade Nomex Textile material. This enables the integration of electronics into dynamic structures thanks to the unique mechanical properties offered by textile materials.

Final grant requested (Lead partner Astradyne SRL): €20,000.00

IDD: Inflatable De-orbit Device

Its objective is to build a scale prototype of an inflatable passive de-orbiting device forsatellites based on advanced technical textiles.
Final grant requested (Lead partner Eptune Engineering Lda.): €20,000.00



Is a cross-sector partnership to fully develop and test a pipeline that enables to knit complex 3D surface geometries and control its functional and mechanical properties in ways currently not possible with the existing software.
Final grant requested (Lead partner Microgravity Technologies OÜ): €15,000.00
Final grant requested (Partner #2 TEX TECH TECHNOLOGIES S.R.L.): €5,000.00

NOOBIS: Noobed 3D Fabric Reinforced Composite Material Inserts for Space

In this project, Fureho AB aims to develop and validate an MVP of a Noobed 3D fabric reinforced composite material solution for an identified problem in the space industry.
Final grant requested (Lead partner Fureho AB): €20,000.00

PHAST-DEPOSIT: Plasma Heating for Aero and Space Textiles Deposition

Aims at demonstrating the feasibility of plasma torch heating for textile wipes placement performed in additive manufacturing machines for advanced thermoplastic composite aerospace structures.

Final grant requested (Lead partner AKRYVIA): €20,000.00


Is a 3D knitted garment layer that provides active seamless support for astronaut’s hands.
Final grant requested (Lead partner FNDMT, UNIPESSOAL LDA): €20,000.00

SIFA: Silk Insect for Food in the Aerospace

The primary input raw material for silk production is silk cocoons. After the production of silk, the waste remains – this is the silk pupae. The SIFA project was launched to establish the possibility of this waste raw material being used for space food during space missions.
Final grant requested (Lead partner BIO STOPANSTVO LOPYANKO LTD): €20,000.00

TEXTILE-REINFORCED PARAMETRIC FREE-FORM FACADE: Textile-reinforced free-form facade made of concrete by 3d printed moulds

To realize the complex geometry of the facades, they have developed a recyclable 3D-printed mold that can be used to produce parameterized free-form components made of concrete.
Final grant requested (Lead partner Georg Breitenberger): €20,000.00


Developed a method for increasing the toughness of epoxy resins and improving the dispersion, delamination, and filler size performance of a vast amount of industrial blends.
Final grant requested (Lead partner Triboblend SL): €20,000.00