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GALACTICA project has launched the Travel Vouchers general framework with the goal to attract and support innovative SMEs and startups in the fields of textile, aerospace and advancing manufacturing to participate in GALACTICA events.

SMEs and Startups can apply for Travel vouchers under eligible events with a maximum voucher of up to €1.000 for a single voucher or up to €2.000  in accumulated travel vouchers. 

More information regarding each individual Call for Expression of Interest to receive travel vouchers is published within each eligible event.

Please review the Travel Vouchers Framework.

Who can apply?

Each individual call for Expression of Interest to receive a travel voucher will detail the eligible participants.

In general, the calls will be open to EU27 and UK innovative Startups and SME’s within the textile, aerospace, and/or advanced manufacturing sectors.

Some calls will have restricted participation (for example to participate in the 2nd Hackathon final or the final event of GALACTICA).

The main goal of the GALACTICA project is to create, validate and scale-up new cross-sectoral and cross-border value chains among textile, aerospace and advanced manufacturing fields.

What are we offering? Financial support!

Startups and SME’s can apply for Travel Vouchers to participate in one of the eligible events of GALACTICA. The full list of eligible events will be updated on the website. Only those events that explicitly indicate will be eligible for financial support.

Eligible events will include:


Get involved and participate in one of our events

Do you have any questions about the call?


Please send them to or fill in the following form.


Download FAQs for the Travel Vouchers (Comming soon).

This document will be updated weekly with the different questions received.



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