ORBITAL beneficiaries


ADDTITUDE: Additive manufacturing of space horizon sensors for attitude control

The project scope is the implementation of a functional prototype of a Horizon sensor for attitude determination of satellites, connecting the space sector, and advanced manufacturing by means of the use of additive manufacturing in the mechanical parts of the unit.

AMPERE: Additive Manufacturing of Propellant Deposits for Electric Rockets based on Electrospray

Ienai SPACE has been developing ATHENA, a modular and versatile electric propulsion system for nanosatellites. The solution proposed combines advanced additive manufacturing techniques, the use of technical textiles, and microfabrication processes.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Ecofriendly tiles for Aerospace sector

The Eco-friendly tiles for the aerospace industry project aims to create a new lightweight textile material for interior design produced using recycled raw materials and sustainable processes. The main benefits will come from the recyclability of discarded materials, the new designs (look and feel) of the product, and the fact that it contributes to the circular economy.


It is an R&D project designed to create a cutting-edge machine producing bicomponent fibers combining polymers from both melt-spinning and wet-spinning processes. Induo’s researchers developed a novel coating method, allowing them to coat viscose on a polyester filament with a strong adhesion between both materials.

IROONY: Hemp textile materials by Ionic Liquid-based manufacturing

The goal is to set up a new, advanced, and cleaner manufacturing process using one ionic liquid as a safer solvent for the extraction of cellulose from sustainable biomass to standard industrial methods.

ITRAINUP: Innovative Tracking of Respiratory & Aeromedical Incidents for Novice & Untrained Pilots

Enables aeromedical training not only in an operational environment but also outside of costly hypobaric chamber training under safe & controlled conditions. iTrainUP is a wearable-based companion helping new pilots to train their respiratory system to reduce the risk of inflight hypoxia, hyperventilation, and anxiety.


TEXCOOL: Active cooling textile system to prevent heat-stress in outdoor workers

Extreme heat can lead to heat-stress-related complications and death, namely in outdoor workers such as construction workers, farmers, and those working in the mail and package delivery. To optimize the body temperature, a cooling system would be helpful to be integrated into clothes worn by people at risk.


The project will develop novel technology and concept for innovative habitation systems for Moon and terrestrial applications. Future missions on the Moon will require developing novel methods to set up habitats, shelters, and infrastructure by using in-situ resources. TXTHAB – 3D will develop a robust solution to future lunar settlements and very concrete terrestrial challenges.