Galactica Webinars


Are you working on the development of textile, aerospace, or advanced manufacturing game-changing technologies? Are you interested in cross-sectoral project partnerships?


What are we offering?

  • A series of technical and/or business-oriented webinars directed to textile, aerospace, and advanced manufacturing SME’s and Startups will run from mid-February to the end of April.
  • Valuable and tailor-made expertise: webinar speakers have vast expertise in the mentioned fields.


Why Join? What’s in it for SME’s and Startups?

  • Gain access to know-how and knowledge about key technologies in the fields of textile, aerospace, and/or advancing manufacturing.
  • Get inspiration from previous experiences/access to key information on successful implementation cases
  • Get valuable insights on how to automate and digitalize your business
  • Get valuable insights on how to develop and validate your idea. We will provide help on how to take your business plan to the next level, how to pitch to an investor, and how to protect your assets through adequate intellectual property mechanisms.
  • Interaction with technological centers, universities, and entrepreneurs well renowned in the EU space.
  • To know and get in touch with potential collaboration partners
There are no upcoming events at this time.