funding opportunities in greece

Find here a repository of the main funding programs, at national level. 

Operational Program “Competitiveness 2021-2027”
Description : Operational Program “Competitiveness 2021-2027”

Typology of activities supported : Four main axes of investment (priorities) in which the Program will move are the following:
1 Strengthening Research and Innovation
2. Enhancing Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness
3. Improving Business Access to Financing
4. Human Capital Development in the context of Developmental Transformation

Grant amont : 3,9 billion €

Duration : up to 2027+

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Description : Through 13 thematic areas, the Programme supports of part of the costs of an investment project related to the establishment and creation of a new unit, to the expansion of the production capacity of an existing unit, to the diversification of the production of a company into products or services that have never been produced by it, as well as to the fundamental change of the entire production existing unit process.

Typology of activities supported : 13 thematics areas are covered by the programme, including digital and technological business transformation, green transition, research and applied innovation.

Duration : up to 2024

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ESIF ERDF Guarantee Fund
Description : Financial tool to strengthen the competitiveness and innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises, the creation of new jobs and business recovery. The objective of the Fund is to improve the access of small and medium-sized enterprises to investment financing, providing protection against possible losses through the guarantee of the European Investment Fund.

Duration : 31 december 2023

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