25 projects involving 46 SMEs selected for funding in the second Galactica Open Call!

  • 14 Orbital Projects vouchers.
  • 11 Pioneer Acceleration vouchers

GALACTICA, which aims to demonstrate the viability of new industrial value chains regarding the textile and aerospace sectors based on advanced manufacturing across the EU, has the final list of projects selected for funding, with a total funding of 1.610.181€. All the selected proposals enter now the grant agreement stage.
The Call for proposals was addressed to the European SMEs and start-ups that plan to develop innovative solutions that could be part of cross-sectoral and cross-border value chains with two different funding lines.


Call for Proposals

The Galactica consortium, led by AEI TEXTILS, has evaluated the 84 proposals received, involving 152 SMEs, and select the best projects to be funded with grants of up to €20,000 for 11 pioneers and up to €100,000 for 14 orbitals. The evaluation has been carried out along April and now we can confirm the final ranking list.

Every funded proposal has gone through an in-depth evaluation process which included an assessment of the eligibility criteria and an external evaluation by a panel of 29 experts in each of the three fields of GALACTICA.

Each proposal was reviewed by independent experts (three for orbital and two for pioneer) that have applied the evaluation criteria, with a special focus on innovation, cross sectorial and cross-border aspects.

GALACTICA’s 2nd Call for proposals had two different types of funding instruments, in the form of lump-sum vouchers, that are addressed to SMEs and start-ups with innovative solutions that could be part of cross-sectoral and cross border value chains in the relevant sectors.

  • Pioneer Acceleration voucher support the exploration of new cross-sectoral value chains with focus on developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
  • Orbital Projects voucher aims to support the demonstration of new cross-sectoral value chains connecting the different sectors of GALACTICA with initial market tests of the products and services developed.

The GALACTICA consortium received 84 applications (55 in Orbital Projects and 29 in Pioneer Acceleration) and has selected 25 for funding. In total, those 25 projects comprise 46 SMEs from the textile, aerospace and advanced manufacturing sectors coming from across 14 European Countries.

In terms of distribution by country, Spain is first in funded SMEs with 20 companies, followed by Germany (7) Italy (6) and United Kingdom (3).

Funding instrument

  • 14 Orbital Projects vouchers.
  • 11 Pioneer Acceleration vouchers


 Congratulations to all the winners! More information will be available in the coming weeks