GALACTICA launched in middle July, the registration and information for the eight learning expeditions among the different prioritized sectors: textile, aeronautics/aerospace and advanced manufacturing. This week has been held the 1st one in Valencia, hosted by ATEVAL. The 1st experience of the cross-cluster learning expeditions have consisted of cross-sectoral visits to leading companies in the industry, followed by a workshops to foster the generation of new projects and collaborations between the different sectors.

 GALACTICA Learning Expeditions and cross-sectoral fertilization workshops.

Valencia has been the 1st one of the eight GALACTICA Learning expeditions organized for cross-sectoral innovation in Aerospace, Textiles and Advanced Manufacturing Sectors. All of them will be held along October & November 2021. This is an opportunity to visit, learn and listen to success stories from leading companies from different industrial sectors.



On 18th October we connected participants with inspiring innovators from UPV and they shared their experience and best practices – from disruptive start-ups working on removable energies, smart textiles, 3D for building construction and sustainable propulsion systems, research centres and universities departments. Presentation and visit to Instituto Universitario de Automática e Informática Industrial. We have visited AI2 focused on Industrial Processes, Smart Factory, Automation, robotics and advanced control systems.  They also develop gripping systems for robots, using soft robotics. In the Institute on Biomechanics IBV (high expertise on ergonomics related to health and technical workwear), there we visited the high-resolution scanning laboratory where they develop mathematical models, which allow precise and automatic 3D reconstruction of the body or its parts.

In the afternoon was developed an inspired workshop to foster co-creation towards revolutionizing ideas for Galactica second call for proposals among textile, advanced manufacturing and aerospace. The starting point has been a presentation by AITEX about trends and challenges on textile industry, focused on composites and smart textiles. We concluded the 1st day with a networking event among participants and a social dinner.

The second day, 19th October we visited the four plants of Tejidos Royo a textile company with a vertical business model. The last visit in the afternoon was held in a research center (Aidimme) focus on metal additive manufacturing and development of new applications for composite and modified materials. They show us the areas with the greatest potential in R&D, such as additive manufacturing, robotics and artificial intelligence oriented to products and processes.



Inter-cluster learning expeditions experiences aims to foster cross-sectoral collaborations through visits to industry-leading companies (i.e. Airbus Composite manufacturing facilities, Lufthansa Technik, ANTEX among others) and top research facilities (German Aerospace Center (DLR), Fraunhofer IFAM, Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC),  LEITAT Technological Center, IRT Jules Verne, ZAL –Center for D for building construction and sustainable propulsion systemsAeronautical research, CATEC, CENTI…) followed by networking between the different participants and local companies, and workshops to facilitate the generation of cross-sectoral ideas.

Inter-cluster mutual learning visits and innovation workshops will bring together the different sectors involved with the aim to reduce the silo-like sectoral boundaries fostering, the get-to-know on the operations in other sectors, the innovation mechanisms other used and seeding of cross-sectoral collaboration for innovation. This can lead to untapped opportunities that arise from crossings of the sectors, both in terms of technological cooperation and innovation such as development of new materials, processes and products, but also in terms of non-technological innovation such as the development of new business models, new marketing tools, management systems, processes, creativity tools and industrial design.

We are excited to wait for the other LEs where we can bring research closer to industry fostering new value chains and collaborations among the sectors involved in Galactica.


Schedule of the Learning Expeditions:


All Learning expeditions information and registration:

Host Location Sector Call for EOI closure Event Dates
ATEVAL Valencia- Spain TEXTILE Closed 18-19 Oct 2021
CTA Seville- Spain AEROSPACE Closed 28-29 Oct 2021
CORALLIA Athens- Greece AEROSPACE Closed 1-2 Nov 2021
NTT Prato/ Florence- Italy TEXTILE Closed 8-9 Nov 2021
EMC2 Nantes- France ADVANCED MANUFACTURING Closed 15-16 Nov 2021
SAG Hamburg- Germany AEROSPACE Closed 25-26 Nov 2021
AEI TEXTILS Barcelona/ Terrassa- Spain TEXTILE 21/10 29-30 Nov 2021
PRODUTECH Porto- Portugal ADVANCED MANUFACTURING 21/10 2-3 Dec 2021


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