📢📢 Do not miss this opportunity to visit Terrassa/Barcelona innovative textile ecosystem and the Advanced Manufacturing ecosystem in Porto!

📢📢 Deadline to apply for travel vouchers to participate in both learning expeditions is October 21st at 17h CEST.


Apply now through GALACTICA submission platform: https://calls.galacticaproject.eu/


Learning Expedition to Barcelona/Terrassa – TEXTILE


Day: November 29th and 30th 2021
Location: Barcelona / Terrassa Region (Spain)


Day 1 – November 29th

Time Activities
9:00  Pick-up at meeting point.
9:15  Welcome and registration.
9:30-11:00  Visit LEITAT Technological center
11:30-13:00  Visit UPC Terrassa: Departments of Textile Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Aerospace Engineering
13:30-16:00  Lunch
16:00-18:00  Cross-fertilization Workshops.
18:00   Networking cocktail with local companies


Day 2 – November 30th
Time Activities
9:00  Pick-up at meeting point.
10:30-12:00  Visits to LIASA and CINPASA.
13:30  Lunch
15:30-17:00  Visit to MARINA TEXTIL group:

– Visit to Marina Textil

– Visit to Texfire

– Visit to Marina Race Wear

18:00   Networking with GALACTICA Hackathon participants (optional)

** All visits are tentative subject to change without prior notice.
** GALACTICA consortium reserves the right to change dates or cancel the call at any time, change its provisions or extend it. In such a case we will inform all applicants about such change.


Learning Expedition to Porto – ADVANCED MANUFACTURING


Day: December 2nd and 3rd 2021
Location: Porto Region (Portugal)


Day 1 – December 2nd

Time Activities
9:30-12:30 Visit to CITEVE – Technological center for textile & clothing.

CITEVE is a Technological Institute which provides technological support and services to companies acting in the textile & clothing business. Product design & development, prototyping, testing and applied R&D oriented to innovative applications, are included in a service portfolio that also includes consultancy, training and fashion intelligence.

CITEVE is an active member of several international networks and also takes part in different technical working groups in the fields of research, product testing and certification.

Visit to CeNTI – Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials

CeNTI is an Institute of New Technologies with multi-sectoral orientation, equipped with cutting-edge technology that promotes activities of Research, Technological Development, Innovation and Engineering in the fields of smart and functional materials and systems.

CeNTI explores advanced technologies enabling the developing, testing, prototyping and scaling-up of nanotechnology solutions for the market, surface functionalization and smartization of materials using printed electronic technologies.

14:00-17:00 Visit to 1 production technologies company

Visit to INEGI – Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering *

INEGI has in its base several research units specialised by scientific and technological areas supporting the research activity. Crosswise there are the Innovation, Consulting and Services activities that address the development of solutions for companies.

Presentation and testimonials from projects with companies in two sectors: Industry and Aeronautics, Space and Defense

Networking event (tbd)


Day 2 – December 3rd
Time Activities
Morning EMAF International Fair

– Visit

– Networking with companies members of PRODUTECH and visit to their stands

– B2B meetings *


– PRODUTECH SIF final results presentation (+INFO)

– GALACTICA project presentation

PIMAP+ project presentation (The PIMAP+ consortium aims to strengthen cross-sectoral cooperation in the fields of photonics, advanced manufacturing, metalworking, and aerospace industry. +INFO)

* tbc
**Business oriented meetings can be individually scheduled through E+E EMAF Digital Platform (+info)


About Learning Expeditions

GALACTICA has prepared 8 Learning expeditions in total for cross-sectoral innovation in Aerospace, Textiles and Advanced Manufacturing Sectors.

You can find there the complete booklet of the different learning expeditions you can participate in.

The Learning Expeditions are an excellent opportunity to visit, learn and listen to success stories from leading companies from different industrial sectors.

Inter-cluster learning expeditions experiences will foster cross-sectoral collaborations throughout visits to industry-leading companies followed by innovation management coaching and workshops to facilitate cross-sectoral idea generation (subject to change – the detailed agenda will be updated).

Inter-cluster mutual learning visits and innovation workshops will bring together the different sectors involved with the aim to reduce the silo-like sectoral boundaries fostering, the get-to-know on the operations in other sectors, the innovation mechanisms other used and seeding of cross-sectoral collaboration for innovation. This can lead to untapped opportunities that arise from crossings of the sectors, both in terms of technological cooperation and innovation such as the development of new materials, processes and products, but also in terms of non-technological innovation such as the development of new business models, new marketing tools, management systems, processes, creativity tools and industrial design.

Do not miss this opportunity to learn the latest trends in the sectors of aerospace, textile and advanced manufacturing, participate in cross-sectoral fertilization workshops and networking opportunities that Galactica offers you.