📢📢Deadline to apply for travel vouchers to participate in Seville Learning Expedition has been extended to September 21th at 17h CEST. 📢📢

In Seville’s learning expedition you will have the chance to visit among others the Andalusia Aerospace Cluster, the Andalusia Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies (CATEC) or the company Solar Mems!

GALACTICA has prepared 8 Learning expeditions in total for cross-sectoral innovation in Aerospace, Textiles and Advanced Manufacturing Sectors.

You can find there the complete booklet of the different learning expeditions you can participate in.

The Learning Expeditions are an excellent opportunity to visit, learn and listen to success stories from leading companies from different industrial sectors.

Inter-cluster learning expeditions experiences will foster cross-sectoral collaborations throughout visits to industry-leading companies followed by innovation management coaching and workshops to facilitate cross-sectoral idea generation (subject to change – the detailed agenda will be updated).

Inter-cluster mutual learning visits and innovation workshops will bring together the different sectors involved with the aim to reduce the silo-like sectoral boundaries fostering, the get-to-know on the operations in other sectors, the innovation mechanisms other used and seeding of cross-sectoral collaboration for innovation. This can lead to untapped opportunities that arise from crossings of the sectors, both in terms of technological cooperation and innovation such as the development of new materials, processes and products, but also in terms of non-technological innovation such as the development of new business models, new marketing tools, management systems, processes, creativity tools and industrial design.

Do not miss this opportunity to learn the latest trends in the sectors of aerospace, textile and advanced manufacturing, participate in cross-sectoral fertilization workshops and networking opportunities that Galactica offers you.

 In order to facilitate the participation of SMEs and startups from textile, aerospace and advanced manufacturing, GALACTICA has opened all the calls for Expression of Interest to apply for a travel voucher. 


To apply, please fill in your application before each individual deadline through GALACTICA’s Calls platform.

Agendas for each learning expedition will be timely updated. Stay tuned for updates and check frequently the event website!