The GALACTICA consortium has launched a call for experts with proven expertise in areas such as TEXTILE, AEROSPACE, ADVANCED MANUFACTURING/ICT and INNOVATION to evaluate proposals submitted under the upcoming GALACTICA call for “Pioneer Acceleration” and “Orbital projects”.

Who can become a GALACTICA expert?

In order to be eligible for the Open Call evaluation process, experts can be from all 27 EU countries or the United Kingdom.

More specifically, experts must be experienced evaluators and/or entrepreneurship experts of at least five years of experience in some of the following areas, within the TEXTILE, AEROSPACE, ADVANCED MANUFACTURING/ICT or INNOVATION:

  1. Co-creation and technology uptake facilitation (innovation and technology transfer services):
    • Definition of a joint R&D project for co-creation or technology adaptation with a local subcontractor or other local partner(s)
    • Analysis of the IP environment
    • Technology scouting and novelty verification, technology valuation, technology legal situation analysis, technology protection & valorisation strategy design
  1. Market prospection, innovation management and investment
    • Accessing new markets, internationalization of SMEs, improving SME competitiveness, improvement of investment readiness – coaching, mentoring…
    • Administrative and legal business environment, administrative and legal FTO/due diligence verification, business analysis & planning, new business opportunities, strategic and project management
  1. Research experience
    • Brand engagement and positioning, concept development, trend watching, customer insight, user experience, product innovation, message development
    • Competition analysis, observational studies, risk analysis, segmentation study, case studies, focus groups, in-depth interviews, experimental studies, survey design


How to apply for GALACTICA calls evaluation?

If you are interested to participate in the GALACTICA 1st Call for external experts, please register and send your application to

The registration is open from 25th February 2021 until 16th April, 17.00 CEST.

More information and the full terms for the call are available here. 

If you are accepted as an external expert, you will receive an e-mail from the GALACTICA team at the end of April 2021 asking you to confirm your availability within the evaluation period (May-June 2021).