GALACTICA, which aims to become a large-scale demonstrator of new industrial value chains around textile and aerospace sectors based on advanced manufacturing across EU, has launched a survey within its clusters’ members to identify the main needs of each sectors in order to better design the support mechanisms that will be launched in early 2021.

European Aerospace and Textile industries are seeking to embrace new market opportunities to grow and maintain their competitiveness through the creation of high-added value products, which is particularly relevant in these unprecedented times.

GALACTICA will provide dedicated support to SMEs through a combination of 3M€ in direct financial support (via calls for proposals, travel vouchers and Hackathons prizes) and 1M€ in indirect support mechanisms (e.g. organizing B2B matchmaking, workshops and other activities) to enable cross-sectoral and cross-border innovative activities. GALACTICA will facilitate the uptake of advanced manufacturing technologies as part of the digital transition of the textile and aerospace industries.

In order to identify and map the different stakeholders and competences across the various countries and regions, a detailed analysis for seeding cross-sectoral collaborations is imperative. As part of this approach, a survey is being conducted and disseminated among the different sectors to identify their main needs and struggles, and boost emerging market opportunities, therefore creating a blueprint that will establish a framework to develop cross-sectoral learning and foster industrial leadership.

Interested SMEs must complete the following forms, according to their own performing sector:

The respective SMEs will be further contacted by GALACTICA partners to explore cross-sectoral business opportunities by embracing GALACTICA activities and/or funding schemes.